The Story of WriteNight 2013

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The first WriteNight took place during the digital conference of the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.


Twelve writers met in suite 716 of the Arcotel Onyx Hamburg. Inspired by the great view on Hamburg's famous red-light district they started to write and produce their stories.


The night started at 7pm. It ended at 7am.

On the next day at 5.30pm the nightwriters presented their stories to the festival audience. 


The audience picked three first prize winners: Marcos from Barcelona, Michael Hornig from Hamburg and Sönke Busch from Bremen. 

The Storybox 2013

There is one simple rule for the WriteNight:
At least two of the items in the storybox have to appear in the story. That's just to make sure the story has really been developed during the WriteNight. Yes, one could trick even that system. But who would? 


The Storybox for the first WriteNight contained:

- Handcuffs

- a travel tooth brush

- lighters

- a smartphone

- a coupon of a topless bar

- a flyer form the molotow-club in Hamburg

- a mysterious drawing

- medical tape


The Stories of WriteNight 2013

"The Reader" by Marcos Xalabarder

Learn more about Marcos Xalabarder

"Good bye, Johnny" by Michael Hornig (in German)

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"Hamburg" by Sönke Busch (in German)

Shared from vocerunterwegs

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"Seemansgarn" by Christine Behrens (in German)

"Seemannsgarn" read by Christine Behrens
Seemannsgarn-Christine Behrens.wma
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"Seemannsgarn" by Christine Behrens
Seemannsgarn-Christine Behrens.pdf
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Learn more about Christine.

"Kleine Haie Große Fische" by Tom Roeler, Tobias Wüstefeld und Urs Spindler (in German)

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Music: Havariegefahr |


Location: Kleine Haie Grosse Fische |

Querstraße 4, St. Pauli Hamburg

"iGrind" by Christian Riedel (in German)

Learn more about Christian. 

Music used in this Video: “Night Owl” (by Broke For Free)