How to do your own WriteNight

To us the WriteNight is an open initiative to inspire new stories in the digital world. 
So, please feel free to organize your own WriteNight! 
If you like, just follow these simple steps: 
- Organize an inspiring room to write. 
- Invite storytellers. 
- Provide food and coffee. A lot of coffee! 
- Create a storybox with 10 surprising items that inspire a narrative. 
- Start at 7pm. 
- Work ends at 7am.
- Prepare a room to present the stories
- Invite an audience.
- Make the audience a jury.
- Choose the Winner.
- Tell us about your WriteNight
- Send us the stories, so that we can put them online.
And remember: The WriteNight is a nonprofit event. You may get the help of sponsors. However you should not make money out of it!